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Shanghai iPanda Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.Is a professional filling equipment and packaging equipment design, manufacturing, research and development, trade integrated enterprises.Our r & d and manufacturing teams have more than 10 years of experience in the filling industry

The equipment has been widely used in daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, food and beverage and other filling fields.Our products have markets in Europe, the United States, central Asia, the Middle East and southeast Asia. In Russia, we have after-sales service companies to provide better service for customers.The company's leading products are automatic filling machine/assembly line, automatic capping machine, automatic...
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KHS coes PET bottle coating technology provides natural care for sensitive beverages


Sensitive beverages can be packaged in transparent PET containers with this coating, which not only extends the shelf life of the beverage by 10 times (depending on the design, material and application of the bottle and the billet), but also enables bottle-to-bottle recycling.
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